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Zada Al Gaziyeh
Gaziyeh Enterprises, Inc.
Lawrence, KS


Gaziyeh Enterprises, Inc. was established in 1995 to study, preserve, present, and promote the arts of the Middle East in the greater Lawrence and Kansas City areas and is established under IRS 501C3 guidelines.

Arts of the Middle East
Available for your "edutainment" are music, percussion and dance instruction, educational lectures / demonstrations; entertainment for weddings, or parties; a Dance Company - Raghsidad! and a Band - Wazan Wa Zamir. Clothing, instruments, costumes and sundries from Cairo and Damascus are available through Cartouche; Wondrous items from North Africa and the Near East from Ethno-Facts ethnofx@sunflower.com, Lawrence based importers. We also have access to a network of instructors, performers and vendors developed over a twenty+ year period, throughout the Midwest and the US, as well as in several overseas locations.


Belly Dance on the Fringe returns to the KC Fringe Festival with a Cinderella Story between July 21-31. Check back in June for our schedule.

Passport to the World Weekend at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival September 3-4-5

Zada is available to instruct or coach on a local basis, as well as on the seminar circuit.  A wide range of classes can be presented, such as  Ghawazee and Saidi, Sagat & Steps, Don't be afraid of Kashlimar, Veil Expressions, Choreography from the ground up and more. Contact Zada for more information.

whole lotta shakin' goin' on...


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